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Jerri Lyn

Jerri Lyn

My name is Jerri Lyn. I created Mundane Glamour to share some of the cool things I’ve seen, done, discovered.

As an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (medieval re-creation) I strive to hide modern conveniences; we call it “hiding the mundane.” Many times, people cover up their camp chairs with just a piece of cloth; my goal is to glam it up a little!

So often, we do the minimums to get by in life. I hope this blog will make me more accountable to do more. To turn my average apartment into a joyful home. Hide the mundane with some glamour!

Here I hope to show you things I’m doing within the SCA, projects I’m working on, life hacks, kitten follies. I’m irreverent at times,and can make sailors blush with my language. I’m also far from perfect but who wants to be perfect?




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  1. Martin Grundy says:

    Hi Jerri Lyn,

    I have ended up on your blog after trying to trace the owner of a photo you placed on Pinterest. It is the one of a Welsh archer dressed in green and white as employed by Edward I at the Battle of Crecy.

    What I am seeking is permission from the owner of the phtograph to use it in a book I am writing on Welsh history.

    Can you help?
    Thank you,


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